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Students – 6 courses specialist...

Students – 6 courses specialists need to December 1, 2015 their departments to check in painting personal data – for orders diplomas! Deanery

Tribute to the victims polytechnics

Philaret Patriarch consecrated the deceased polytechnics memorial tablets and presented awards of the church to the members of their families (video) In October, 23, His Holiness Philaret Patriarch of All Russia and Ukraine hold a service in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of KPI for Kyiv polytechnics that gave their lives fo [...]

Recruitment fair

National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute” and Center of career development of NTUU “KPI” invites to attend “Recruitment fair. Job for you – Autumn 2015” that will be held in November, 5, 2015 at university campus (building № 18, 2 storey hall) from 10.00 till 16.00. Many enterprises and organizations («Melexis», « [...]

Opening of Memorial board

On Friday, October 23, in the foyer of the 18th building official opening of a memorial board to our student Sergey Bondarev, the Hero from ranks of Heavenly Hundred will take place. Opening time – at 13:00, after memorial service in interfaith St. Nicholas Chapel (Yangel St). Memorial service will begin at 12:00.   Sergey studied on a [...]

About October, 14

14 (1)
According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 12.11.2014 № 1084-r – October 14 is a day off. Law of Ukraine № 238-VIII of 03.05.2015. “On Amendments to Article 73 of the Labor Code of Ukraine” Changes to ch. 1, Art. 73 of the Labor Code of Ukraine and added to the list of holidays on October 14 – Day of Defender  [...]

For the attention of students and tea...

First intersessional control is carried out from 05.10.2015 to 10.11.2015 ; Second intersessional control is carried out from 23.112015 to 29.11.2015. Students can see the results: for the first certification – on 20.10.2015 ; for the second certification – on 10.12.2015. Dean

Students of 1st course!

General meetings of students will be held: Groups Date Time Aud.   ІА + ІТ   15.09.2015 (Tuesday)   1400   307-18   ІП-51,52 + ІС     15.09.2015 (Tuesday)     1600     307-18 ІК 16.09.2015 (Wednesday) 1200 339-18 ІП-53,54 + ІО     16.09.2015 (Wednesday)     1600     302-18

Archive information

Archive information
Before 2016 year  . Bachelor’s program  . Double diploma  . Training of “specialists” and “Masters” 1. The faculty makes the training according to bachelors’ directions:  . 6.050101 ”COMPUTER SCIENCE”  . 6.050102 “COMPUTER ENGINEERING”  . 6.050103 “SOFTWARE ENGINEERING”  . 6.050201 “SYSTEM ENGINEERING”   The form of study – daily and external [...]

Celebration “Freshman Day”...

August 31, 2015, the Day of the freshmen – the traditional National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” event, will be celebrated on the Knowledge Sqaure. The program of the festival includes dedication to students of 117 set of freshmen; acquaintance with the management, the guests and the best stu [...]

NASA probe making history at Pluto

By Amanda Barnett, CNN (CNN)NASA says its New Horizons spacecraft will complete a historic flyby of Pluto on Tuesday, making its closest pass over the small, icy world at 7:49 a.m. ET. The unmanned, piano-sized spacecraft will be traveling nearly 31,000 miles per hour when it passes about 7,750 miles over Pluto. It’s the first mission [...]

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