All the departments involved in FICS originate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), which was founded in 1918. In 1925 future first head of Department of Automation and Telemechanics Josyp I. Greben got a diploma of this faculty.

In the postwar years deans of FEE were professor. O.V. Orlovsky and assoc. professor S. O. Rebrov In 1945 at the FEE the Department of AT was founded, which, together with the Department of measuring devices (MD) graduated it’s first students in 1949 (group EPB-1), and in 1954 diplomas thesis were defended by group  AT-6 and OP-6 (previously EPB-6). In 1984 the Department of AT was renamed as the Department of Technical Systems Automation and Control (ACTS). Till 1984 department graduated engineers by the specialty “of Automation and Telemechanics” and starting from 1984 – by specialty “Technical Systems Automation and Control“.

Starting from 1993 department began training engineers by the two-stage system: bachelors by specialty “Computerized systems, automation and control”, engineers by specialty «Computerized systems of processing and automation», masters by specialty «Computerized systems of processing and automation», and from 1998 bachelors by specialty “Computerized systems, automation and control”, engineers and masters by specialty “Automation and Control Systems”.

Till 05/12/1995 department included scientific laboratories such as technical system automation and control lab, system control lab, automated system control of technological processes for radio and electronic equipment lab, automation of technological processes lab in which in 1994 58 employees were working, and 49 employees – in 1995.

On the 5th of December 1995 Research Institute of Informational processes based on the ACTS department was created. Till 2000 Krasnoproshina A.A. was the Head of newly created Department. She was Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Honoured Worker of Science of Ukraine, Professor, Doctorof Technical Sciences.

Department of Computer Engineering which evolved from the Department of Automated Science was created by the Order #148 on 16/03/1960 and it was the very first such kind of Department in Ukraine. The first head of Department was corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Ivakhnenko AG, and from 1961. – Assoc. Samofalov. Department’s first graduators were group OM-1 and OM-2 in 1961.

In 1966 all educational plans were fundamentally reconsidered in order to create a program, which would fully reflect all the latest achievements in the sphere of computer engineering. In 1969 admission of students to the Department was increased by 3 groups and the training of engineers by specialty “Applied mathematics”. Since that department held training of specialists (engineers-electricians and engineers-mathematicians) by both specialties 0608 “Computer engineering” and 0647  “Applied mathematics”. Starting from 1990 the Department had conducted significant work – introduced a three-stage training system (bachelor – engineer – master) for specialty “Computer engineering”.

In 1962 FEE was separated by two faculties – Faculty of Automation and Electrical Instrument Engineering (FAEIE) and Faculty of Electric Power Engineering ( FEPE).

FAEIE included such Departments as Automated Science dpt, Computer science dpt and Information and Measuring technics dpt. First dean of FAEIE was docent Rozhanovskyi I.M. In the following years faculty was headed by docents Kostyuk V.I., Vynoslavskyi V.M., Zozulya V.G.,Tuz U.M. In 1969 first admission of students for the specialties Automated systems Control (based on TC department) and Applied mathematics (based on Computer engineering dpt) was conducted.

 In 1969 department of Technical Cybernetics evolved from Automated Machinery department.  Professor Kostyuk V.I.,Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences is the Head of the Department. Starting from 1969 TC department graduators were specialized in Computer-AidedSystems. In 1981 the first admission of students for the specialty Robotic technics was made. In 1997 departments started training of specialists by the program 7.091402 “Flexible computer systems and robotics”.

In 1990 Applied mathematics department evolved from Computer engineering department. Professor Vavilov E.M. was the Head of Department. in 1975 FAEIE  was separated by 2 faculties – system management and with TC and AM departments and FAEIECE with AT, CE, IMT and AER departments. Docent Akinin P.I. and professor Tuz U.M. were chosen as the Heads of these faculties.

In 1983 Ajogin V.V. was elected as a dean of System management faculty. In 1978 in order to initiate training of system engineers by the specialty 2202 “Computer-Aided Management and DataProcessing” department of Computer-Aided ProductionProcessingwas evolved as an independent part of the TC faculty. Akinin I.Y. was elected as the Head of this department, starting from 1980 – professor Pavlov became the Head of the department. Starting from 19/09/1980 department was renamed as a “Computer-Aided Management and DataProcessing” (CAMDP).

Starting from 1993/1994 new bachelor program was initiated – 6.0804 “Computer informational technologies”, 1994/1995 – “Computer engineering”. Starting from 1994/1995 new program for system engineers was embarked by the specialty 7.080401 “Computer systems of information management and processing”. Starting 1998/1999 another new program for system engineers was created – 7.080401 “Informational management systems and technologies”. Starting from 1997/1998 new masters program was launched by the specialty 8.080401 “Computer systems of information processing and management” and from 1998/1999 – another masters program was launched – 8.080401 “Informational management systems and technologies”.

Department of CAMDP is the main program in Ukraine in training specialists in Computer Science (0804) and 7.080401 “Informational management systems and technologies”.

In 1985 according to the decree of Ministry of Education of USSR #278 dated 28.10.1985 named “About changes in the structure of institutions of higher learning of USSR in 1985” new faculty of informatics and computer science was created. Krasnoproshyna A.A. was the Dean of this faculty for more than 10 years.

Starting from November 1995 Pavlov O.A. is the Head of the department. Faculty of informatics and computer science comprises of 4 departments:

  • Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems,
  • Department of Technical SystemsAutomation and Control,
  • Department of Technical Cybernetics,
  • Department of Computer Engineering.

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