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The department “Technical Systems of Automation and Control of Production” (ASUV) was created on the first of July 1978 by the order  of

Ministry of  Higher Educational Establishments of the USSR on the 19 of May 1978 № 156 ( the order of the vice-chancellor of  Kyiv Politechnical Institute №80-“1” on the 16 of June 1978) for training of system-engineers according to the specialty 22 02  ”Automation-Aided Management And Data Processing Systems

  The associate professor, the candidate of the technical science Akinin P.Y, was appointed the head of the department and in 1980 the professor, the doctor of the technical science Pavlov O.A. was elected the head of the department.

Now, act. Head of the Department Ph.D. in Engineering Science, associate professor I. P. Muha Read more…

Department OT




Stirenko Sergii, Professor, Dr. of Sc, the head of the department of computing technics

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Department AUTS

The history of the department starts from 1945, when the department “Automation and telemechanics” was founded by the order № 2193K from 23 of August 1945 of All-Union committee of Higher School of RNK USSR, and in 1988 the department was renamed – “ Technical Systems Automation and Control” (AUTS).This department was separated from the department “Central Electric stations” (TES) of electrotechnical faculty for training of specialists of designing and implementation of automation and telemechanics appliances,which were needed in the aferwar time.

   The founder of the department is professor Hreben Y.I(1897-1973). He graduated  from KPI in 1925. He was the associate professor from1930.He was the professor and the head of the department of electric stations from 1932.He was the head of the department AT from 1945 till 1966. Read more…

Department TC The department “Technical Cybernetics” was made with the aim of training the specialists of automation systems of control by the order of the rectorof Kyiv Politechnical Institute in 1969. The department was headed by the doctor of the technical science V.I.Kostyuk(1932-2011) till October 2011, the graduates of the department “Automation and Telemechanics”(AT) KPI  in 1954.

M.M.Tkach, the ssociate professor, the candidate of technical science performs the duties of the head of the department from October 2011. He has been working at the department since 1981. The direction of his scientific work is automation of technological processes, planning flexible, integrated systems. He is the author and co-author of 47 published works, 2 monographs and 4 textbooks. He is the  Laureate of State prize of Ukraine in the branch of science and engineering.  Read more…

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