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Stirenko Sergii, the head of the department

The  department of Computer Engineering (CE)was founded in March 1960 in the KPI. According to the order of the rector of the KPI,No 148 from March 16, 1960, the acting head of the department was appointed Prof., Sc.D. OleksiiIvakhnenko . ThePh.D.Konstantin Samofalovwas elected as the head of the CE department in September 1960.

Honored worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, laureate of state prizes of the USSR, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences Konstantin Samofalov, created the pedagogical and scientific school of the CE department. From 1991 till 2017 Prof., Sc.D Heorhii Loutskiiwas the head of the CE department and made a major contribution to the development of the CE department.To date, the head of the department is Prof., Sc.DSergii Stirenko.

The department provides training for specialists in such areas as 121 “Software Engineering” (specialization “Software for High-Performance Systems and Networks”) and 123 “Computer Engineering” (specializations “Computer Systems and Networks” and “Programming Technologies for Computer Systems and Networks”). More information about the Computer Engineering department available by reference

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