The faculty consists of separate functional units, including:

– Dean,

– Profiling (graduating) department,

– teaching, educational, organizational and pedagogical, scientific departments, accounting and others.

Management of faculty

Dean Pavlov Alexander Anatolievich 236-19-70

Secretary Kyrylyak Lyubov Vladimirovna 204-98-27

Deputy Dean for educational and methodical work Mukha Irina Pavlovna 204-86-55

Dean of educational and pedagogical work Tkach Mikhailo Martinovich 204-83-50

Deputy Dean for Research Dolgolenko Olexander Mikolaevich 204-94-10 


Khomenko Vera Petrovna 204-90-34

Methodical Cabinet Koziy Lyudmila Petrovna 204-98-26

Head of Laboratory Ignatyuk  Sergiy Rostislavovich 204-94-11

Chief Accountant  Shynkevych Natalia Makarovna 204-92-89


Department of Technical Systems Automation and Control – TSAC,

Department of Computer Engineering – CE,

Department of Technical Cybernetics  – TC,

Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems – CAMDPS,


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