F.Leprevost’s lecture: “Chanel n°5, Diamonds, and Cyanide: A $1$M problem”


Despite its title, this conference addresses one of the most challenging problems of today’s science: Is P equal to NP or not?

At the border between computer science, mathematics, logic and even philosophy, the solution to the P vs NP problem would have a tremendous impact on our understanding of the world.

The P vs NP problem is one of the $6$ still open problems of the Millennium (out of 7) of the list of the Clay Mathematics Institute. The solution to this problem will be awarded $1M.

The aim of this conference is to explain what the problem is. In other words, we intend to clarify what P vs NP means.

Along this talk, you will understand how big is big, how fast is fast, how whisky, bacteria, the human DNA, the sun, the milky way or even the observable universe come in the game. You will also meet (part of) the scientific legacy of a genius, namely Alan Turing (1912 – 1954). Finally, along the road, you will discover the role French perfumes, diamonds, and — more tragically — cyanide play in this (nevertheless hopefully entertaining) story.

Dear audience: No need to know anything in mathematics, nor in computer science.

Simply come, and let me surprise you.

Registration or phone number 454 99 55