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How to find the German University Program that is right for you

Workshop: 21.03.2016, 13.00-16.00

421 universities all over Germany offer 8,186 master degree programs.
None of them are the same and, by the way, most of them are not located
in Berlin or Munich. What is the difference between a university and a
university of applied sciences? How do you choose the university and the
program that is just right for you? And, once you’ve found that, how do
you get in?

The DAAD Information Center Kyiv will offer hands-on training in
researching study opportunities in Germany and in writing a letter of
motivation, which is an essential part of the admission process.

This is not a presentation of programs, but a workshop! Participants
will be required to do their own internet research during the workshop.

Therefore the number of participants is limited to 15.

In order to be considered for participation, please submit a brief
statement on your study plans in Germany and CV by the 14th of March to

You have not have to choose a particular course of study at this point.

Please apply only if

• You are a 3rd of 4th year student at the KPI

• You have a concrete idea of why you want to study in Germany.

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