Outstanding achievements

Within the field of “Development of algorithms for exact difficult combinatorial problems” During analyzed period, following important scientific resultswere obtained:

– Reduction of the problem of construction of Lyapunov optimal functions for the Study of stability in a bounded region of the phase space of nonlinear deterministic and stochastic dynamic systems to the linear programming problems: i.e.nonformalized in general for nonlinear dynamic systems procedure, used for finding Lyapunov functions REDUCED to a formal procedure of construction and solution of linear programming tasks;

– Creating and theoretical study of a new method for linear integral programming arbitrary bounded domain of feasible solutions.The proposed original scheme of bringing the original problem to a problem with one limitation and nonnegativevariables with specific theoretical properties.The principal novelty of the method lies in the fact, that the proposed exact algorithm of the search ofinteger decision is designed for initial value problem of the used theoretical propertiesof the given task(defined stable priorities for each variable of the initial problem , i.e. priorities of variables don’t dependent fromany values of intermediate variables, and that allows you to gain first permissible integer decision , that is statistically optimal, orclose in functional value to the optimal value );

– Theoretical and experimental foundation of a new direction – to build an efficient exact algorithm for difficult combinatorial problems. The principal scientific lies in finding statistically significant subclasses growing new polynomial solvable combinatorial problems, which is based on review of performance, during the solution of the problem of arbitrary Individual task from the class of difficult tasks,theory-based logical and analytical minds. I.e., if during the solution of arbitrary Individual tasks these conditions are met, this individual tasks to protect polynomial subclass, and exactly solved polynomial algorithmic scheme. The proposed approach is effectively implemented for sufficiently known classes ofdifficult combinatorial problems, particularly the problem of scheduling theory to the one fitted on the following criteria: minimizing the total weighting of the assignment at the moment regarding the manner specified by oriented acyclic graph, minimizing the total tardiness of the assignment , to minimize the total delay weighting the task.

-Developed effective mathematical models and methods of planning and decision-making in network systems with limited resources , that covers a broad class of Economic and industrial systems, particularly: small-scale production planning , production scheduling “on request” ; working shop scheduling , production planning on making parties , planning of construction folding facilities , planning and project management illustrative example of solving problems of planning.

Created by research area, construction PDS algorithm for difficultcombinatorial optimizatiol tasks will bring in future to the emergence of wide low efficient exact solution algorithm of large number of difficult combinatorial tasks ,that possesshuge practical importance. Implementation of scientific results can significantly increase the effectiveness of automated planning and management in different sectors of the economy.

At present, the new effective PDS algorithm for different classes of difficult combinatorial optimization tasks are being developed, and also the theory of efficient polynomial algorithm of multidimensional aggression, the mathematical apparatus of the used model of optimization, that significantly widens the abilities by the hierarchy analysis method in decision theory.

Professor Tomaszewski V.M. for the first time developed a generator of simulation software that was built into the interactive system of simulation modeling ISS 2000, designed to simulate network queuing systems and transport networks, on which he has patents. TheISS 2000 system was demonstrated at theCeBIT -2006 exhibition in Hanover, Germany.


Alexander PavlovAnatolyevych – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine , laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, laureate of the V.M.Glushkov Prize, Dean of FIOT of NTUU “KPI” , Director of the Research Institute of Information processes is a well-known scientist in the field of computer science and management.

TomashewskiValentinMikolayevych – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. He was a member of the program committees of conferences ” Mathematical and simulation of MODS ‘ (2005-2012 years )”, ” Intelligent Decision Support Systems and Computational Intelligence problems (ISDMCI’ 2005-2012 years )”, ” All-Russian scientific -practical conference on imitationalmodeling and it’s practice in science and industry (2003, 2005, 2007 , 2009, 2011 years , St. Petersburg).

Grisha SergeyMikolayevych – Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine , laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Samofalov Constantine Grigorovych – Founder and Head of the Department from 1960 to 1991 , Dr. Professor Cor. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Rector Adviser “KPI ” Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine , laureate of State Prize of the UkranianSSR ( 1978) and the USSR ( 1989) , inventor of the USSR, has Excellent Education , winner of three first prizes “KPI” for textbooks and monographs; has state awards of the USSR ( 6 and 7 medals orders ) , including the Order of Lenin and foreign awards;included ​​in the “Golden list” of scientists of the twentieth century.

LutskiyGeorgiyMihaylovych- Professor ,Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of CE Cathedra . Vice-president of the Ukrainian Academy of Computer Science, Head of the section ” Computing and Intelligent Systems and Networks” of the Ukrainian Academy of Higher Education, President of International Association “Ukraine -Jordan “, was awarded the medal “In honor of the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv” – 1982., thesign of ” Excellent Education of Ukraine . “, the title ” Honored Worker of Science and Technology “- 2007.

Founder of the ADPSMCathedra Professor Greben Joseph Ilyich. (1897-1973) , graduated from the KPI in 1925 , docent since 1930 , and since 1932 – Professor and Head of Power Stations Cathedra; since 1945 to 1966 – Head of the Automation Cathedra .

Outstanding graduates

Outstanding graduates – foreign citizens

AkramArefNayefHamarchy (Jordan), 1992, Computer Systems and Networks, Cathedra head of the Jordanian Royal University.

SoriKokoumaDiallo (Guinea), 1990, computer systems and networks, faculty dean of Pan African University Kofi Annan.

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