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– Information Control Systems and Technologies

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List and annotations of training courses, that can read in English:

The course “Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics”

The course “Theory of Algorithms”

Discipline “Theory of Algorithms” is part of a series of professional disciplines and practical training in the curriculum of training direction 6.050101 “Computer Science” in “Information control systems and technologies” specialty.

For studying of the discipline “Theory of Algorithms” student requires basic knowledge of discrete mathematics, mathematical analysis.

Material of the discipline is used in presenting materials of disciplines ” System analysis and design of computer information systems “, ” Artificial Intelligence Systems “, ” Artificial intelligence and neural networks “, “Organization of databases and knowledge ” and others .

The purpose of teaching the “Theory of Algorithms” – the formation of ideas about the nature of thought processes and their possible formalization of how to implement this idea.

The objectives of studying that discipline include the following:

– To teach the fundamental approaches of theory and practice of artificial intelligence;

– To familiarize future system engineers with the necessary for results and formal constructions needed to work with the systems of artificial intelligence;

– To familiarize students with the basic classes of theoretical and applied problems of discipline, with the means of formalizing the processes of thinking;

– Identify specific problems of science and technology development, deciding which requires using the methodology of artificial intelligence;

– Provide an opportunity for transition to the use of specialists – graduates in the field of automated modern mathematical apparatus for solving management problems and design.