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In 2011, the Ukrainian – Korean Training Center of Information Technologies was opened. Currently the expediency is being defined and negotiations on implementation of the program of academic mobility with Chungnam National University (“CNU”), Daejeon, Republic of Korea, conducted by Associate Professor of Kovalyuk T.V. are being held.

In 2009, two students of the ADPSMCathedra (Korshak V.V.Sergeev A.S.)were enrolled to study at double-diploma program; in 2011 they successfully defended bachelor diploma projects and received a bachelor’s degree in the direction of “Computer Science” in NTUU “KPI” and bachelor’s degree of Computer science at the University of Indianapolis. Now these students continue their studying at Master Program in NTUU “KPI”and the University of Indianapolis.

Currentlytwo students (Chubinskiy V.V. and D. Kanunikov) are studying at double-diploma program with the University of Le – Mans.

In June 2013 student Fastova S.S. defended her master’s dissertation in NTUU “KPI” , and in September 2013 – at the University of Ecole des Mines of Saint – Etienne .

From 01.09.2012, student Osadchey D. from group ИС-02 is studying at HOME in double-diploma program OCW “bachelor”; student Chemeris A. from ИС-81 – was on probation  in autumn 2012 .